Upcoming ShareSoc Events

We have a number of events lined up for investors in the next few weeks. That includes:

In the North:

Leeds on the 28th March (that’s next Tuesday!)

Companies presenting at that event are:

AVATION (AVAP): Passenger aircraft leasing company; and

BERKELEY ENERGIA (BKY): Uranium mining in Spain.

In addition we have guest speaker David Scott of wealth management company Andrews Gwynne. David will discuss the implications of recent global macro economic developments and how this might be a time for caution in terms of the equity markets. He has recently shared this presentation with senior figures in the City and it is causing some pause for thought. Our Members will be some of the first people to see David’s analysis.

Go here for more information and registration: http://www.sharesoc.org/leeds-seminar.html

Also please note that registration is now open for our next event in Altrincham on the 16th May. Go here for more information: http://www.sharesoc.org/altrincham-may.html

In the South:

Don’t miss the next ShareSoc event in London which is  Richmond on the 4th April. This is a “supper” event with Marshall Motor Holdings presenting – an automotive sales and leasing company. Go here for more information and registration:


Our next seminar in the City of London will be on the 11th April. Companies presenting will include:

– HAYDALE GRAPHENE INDUSTRIES (HAYD): Research, development and manufacture of graphene products.

– LIDCO (LID): Non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring equipment for hospitals.

– BIOVENTIX (BVXP): Biotechnology company involved in the development and supply of antibodies.

Go here for more information and registration: http://www.sharesoc.org/london-apr.html

These events are all great opportunities to learn about companies and chat to other investors, so if you have not been to one of our events before, why not come along? They are of course open to anyone.

Roger Lawson

Inconvenient AGM Times – Proactis

Yet another example of an inconvenient date/time for an AGM is Proactis Holdings (PHD) – see previous blog posts covering the same issue at Dunelm and DX Group. Proactis have called their Annual General Meeting for 9.30 am on the 19th December in Wetherby (Yorkshire). That is a Monday morning of the week before Christmas to begin with, and the time makes it very difficult for most investors to make it without staying overnight.

Wetherby may be an acceptable location, but a time of 9.30 am is not. I have written to the Chairman suggesting they move it to 2.00 pm. Any other investors should likewise complain. If DX Group can move theirs, then so can Proactis. Or at least offer an alternative informal meeting at another time for private shareholders as AGMs are one of the few opportunities they get to meet management and ask questions.

Roger Lawson

Some Interesting Meetings – Palace Capital, Dunelm, NCC

There are some interesting meetings in prospect for investors. Firstly, I notice Simon Thompson has tipped Palace Capital (PCA) in this week’s Investors Chronicle. He suggests this property investment company’s half year results at the end of November “are likely to make a good read”. Now it just so happens that Palace Capital are presenting at two ShareSoc events in November (in Richmond and in Manchester). So that would be a good opportunity to learn more about the business. See this web page for more information and links to the individual events registration pages:  http://www.sharesoc.org/events.html .

The first one is on the 1st November so please register soon if you wish to attend.

The Dunelm (DNLM) Annual General Meeting is coming up on the 22nd November. At the last AGM there was considerable debate about the remuneration scheme including the LTIP. Otherwise it was not a particularly useful meeting with the Chairman hurrying through the formal business. There is a full report on it on the ShareSoc Members Network. However it was held in London, albeit at the somewhat inconvenient time of 9.30 am. This year they have gone one better to discourage investors from attending. It will be held in Syston at 9.00 am. Syston is near Leicester for those not familiar with the location of Dunelm’s Store Support Centre. I don’t personally object to such locations and in this case it may help staff to attend. But the timing is abominable.

NCC (NCC) is another company who likes to hold their AGM at remote locations at inconvenient times (in this case in Manchester at 11.00 on the 22nd September this year). The company also missed talking about the bad news they issued on the 20th October in a “first four months” trading statement (why not a few weeks earlier for the first quarter?).

The statement caused the share price to abruptly fall and at the time of writing is down 39%. The announcement indicated three large contract cancellations and other difficulties. But the odd thing is that although “the growth in profitability will now be more biased towards the second half” it also says that it “remains in line with the Board’s expectations”. It would seem at least one analyst has reduced their forecast however. I am sure a few investors might like to have quizzed CEO Rob Cotton on this apparent anomaly. It will now have to await the next AGM.

The writer holds shares in some of the above.

Roger Lawson

ShareSoc Events – Altrincham, Richmond and Brighton

This is a final reminder that we have a company seminar in Altrincham (near Manchester) next week (Tuesday the 27th September) with four interesting smaller companies presenting.

These are:

– FRENKEL TOPPING GROUP (FEN): Specialist asset manager and advisor to vulnerable individuals.

– GRESHAM HOUSE STRATEGIC (GHS): Investment company with a focus on smaller companies.

– SRT MARINE SYSTEMS (SRT): Development and supply of automatic identification system (AIS) technologies.

– VIPERA (VIP): Mobile financial services provider.

This is a great opportunity to learn about these companies and meet your fellow investors (and ShareSoc Members). The event starts at 5.30 pm and is free to everyone (and that includes refreshments of course).

Go here for more information and to register if you have not already done so:


We also have “Supper” events in Richmond (Surrey) on the 4th October, and in Brighton on the 11th October where 1PM is presenting. Go here for a full list of ShareSoc events in the next few weeks (but some are already over-subscribed) so the moral is book soon!:


Roger Lawson

BHP Billiton Meeting and Other ShareSoc Events

ShareSoc has organised a meeting for investors with BHP Billiton Plc on the 29th September at 11.15 am at their London offices. The meeting will consist of a presentation followed by Q&A and then a buffet lunch meeting with BHP Billiton members of staff.

BHP Billiton announced their latest annual results on 16th August and the FT had this to say:

“Writedowns and impairments have dragged BHP Billiton to its biggest annual loss, capping off a troubled year for the Anglo Australian miner that included one of its worst mine accidents. BHP recorded a net loss of $6.4bn after more than $7bn of impairment charges, with the resources group counting the cost of its expansion into US shale oil and gas in 2012. During a torrid 12 months, a BHP joint venture suffered a dam burst in Brazil that killed 19 people. BHP also faced a slide in commodity prices that forced the miner to end its longstanding ambition to maintain or increase its annual dividend.”

But, with commodity prices now more stable is the future looking brighter for the world’s most valuable mining company?

It is ShareSoc’s intention over time to offer our members more meetings with larger companies to complement our regular seminars and suppers for smaller companies. The meeting is free to Full ShareSoc Members and there is a nominal charge for Associate Members and others. Go here for more information and registration: http://www.sharesoc.org/bhp-billiton.html .

Other Events: We also have a full programme of meetings with companies lined up for September in London, Brighton and Altrincham (near Manchester). Go here to see the full list of events: http://www.sharesoc.org/events.html . Companies presenting include Palace Capital, Empresaria, Avation, HarbourVest, Premaitha Health, Frenkel Topping and Plastics Capital. These are great opportunities to meet with fellow investors and learn about smaller companies so please come along if you have not attended one of them before.

Roger Lawson

Final Call for London Seminar and Other ShareSoc Events

Company Seminar in London on the 22nd June

Next Wednesday we have another of our seminars in the City of London at the offices of Finncap commencing at 4.30 pm. The companies presenting are:

– Defenx (DFX) – Security software solutions which is certainly a hot area for investment at present.

– AEW UK REIT (AEWU) – An interesting closed end commercial property fund.

– Private & Commercial Finance (PCF) – consumer and business finance.

Roger Lawson will also be talking about the ShareSoc campaign to improve AIM. The event is FREE of course with only a small charge to cover refreshments for non-subscribing Members. More information and registration is present here: http://www.sharesoc.org/seminarjune2016.html. Make sure you sign up soon if you wish to attend as these events are now regularly over-booked.

First ShareSoc Event in Leeds – 19th July

The first ShareSoc Company Seminar to be held in Leeds will take place on Tuesday 19th July at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Leeds City Centre starting at 5.30 pm. The companies presenting are:

– Instem (INS) – IT solutions for the global healthcare and life science community.

– Fishing Republic (FISH) – Retailer of fishing tackle and asssociated products.

– Town Centre Securities (TOWN) – Property development and investment company.

The event is free for all members and non-members to attend. For more information and to register go here: http://www.sharesoc.org/seminarleedsjuly.html

Richmond Supper

Don’t miss the next Richmond Supper event on the 5th July where the presenting company will be Keywords Studios who provide localisation and testing services for video games producers. There will also be a special guest speaker at this meeting who is Leon Boros, a well known and very experienced investor. He will be discussing investing in ISAs. See: http://www.sharesoc.org/richmond-july.html  for more information and registration.

All these events give you great opportunities to network with and learn from fellow investors as well as gain some knowledge of interesting smaller companies. So BOOK NOW to secure a place! 

If you have any questions about these events please call 0333-200-1595 or send an email to mailto:info@sharesoc.org

Sprue Aegis (SPRP) Business Review

The directors of Sprue Aegis have agreed to answer ShareSoc Members questions on Wednesday the 27th April following the recent trading statement (profit warning) and after the results announcement on the previous day. This event will commence at 6.00 pm and last approximately one hour. It will be at the office of Tavistock Communications at: 131 Finsbury Pavement, London, EC2A 1NT. If you plan to attend please tell us by using the ShareSoc Contact page here: Contact – mention “Sprue Aegis Meeting” in the Comments box.

Roger Lawson