Inconvenient AGM Times – Proactis

Yet another example of an inconvenient date/time for an AGM is Proactis Holdings (PHD) – see previous blog posts covering the same issue at Dunelm and DX Group. Proactis have called their Annual General Meeting for 9.30 am on the 19th December in Wetherby (Yorkshire). That is a Monday morning of the week before Christmas to begin with, and the time makes it very difficult for most investors to make it without staying overnight.

Wetherby may be an acceptable location, but a time of 9.30 am is not. I have written to the Chairman suggesting they move it to 2.00 pm. Any other investors should likewise complain. If DX Group can move theirs, then so can Proactis. Or at least offer an alternative informal meeting at another time for private shareholders as AGMs are one of the few opportunities they get to meet management and ask questions.

Roger Lawson


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