Inconvenient AGM Times – DX Group

I posted only recently about the inconvenient time and location of the AGM of Dunelm. Another example is DX Group (DX.) who scheduled their AGM for 8.30 am in Iver, Bucks on the 6th December. But after representations from investors they have moved it to 10.30 am.

It seems that they did not get many investors turn up for the AGM last year. But bearing in mind the share price collapse over the past year, more are expected this year.

It is good the directors had a change of mind on this point, but all companies should note that AGMs should be scheduled at convenient times and in convenient locations. After lunch is a good time (say 2.0 pm) as that allows for cheap and easy travel even if you hold the meeting outside London.

Note that ShareSoc published a document in 2013 named “How to Run a General Meeting” (see which covered this and other aspects of how such events should be run. But it is unfortunate that there are many bad examples still, particularly in smaller companies.

But as you can see, it pays to complain if you don’t like the timing.

Roger Lawson


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